The 12th Yuhang District Games Mar 17

"Yu" you welcome the Asian Games · "Hangzhou" to a new journey. In the past few days, Wang Hao, a teacher of Tianyuan Public School, is extremely busy. They are busy rehearsing the flag-raising ceremony "Star Wish". "From the 10th, we have to rehearse every day to prepare for the upcoming district sports meeting." Wang Hao said.

The rehearsal scene of "Star Wish" by 60 people from the Primary School of Tianyuan Public School sang the flag ceremony

The "District Games" that Wang Hao mentioned is the 12th People's Games and the 9th Games for the Disabled in Yuhang District, which will open on March 21. This is the first large-scale event held in Yuhang after the 200-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Different from the previous Yuhang District Games, this year’s Games added a senior group and an online group on the basis of the system adult (employee) group, the town and street adult (employee) group, and the disabled group. Among them, the online The group adopts the method of online free registration, relying on 12 towns and streets, and sets up an online competition area on the fitness APP, setting up running, walking, cycling, fitness, yoga and other items. At present, about 65 teams have completed the pre-registration for this Games, and the number of participants is expected to reach the largest number ever.

Yuhang District Health Bureau Air Volleyball Trials

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to traditional competitive sports such as track and field, basketball, and football, this sports meeting will set up Go, dragon dance, martial arts, Tai Chi (sword), and fishing competitions based on the special events of each town and street. Improve the participation and entertainment of the sports meeting. For example, Zhongtai Street, where the Zhejiang Greentown Football School is located, will organize a football match; Cangqian Street, which has the Cangqian Dragon Dance Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, will organize a dragon dance competition.

Adhering to the east wind of the Asian Games, Yuhang District actively speeds up the construction of supporting facilities for culture, tourism and sports, and a variety of mass sports competitions are in full bloom. From the provincial dragon and lion championship (online competition), the first Yuhang District Basketball Open, to the National Fitness Day Sports Carnival, the 200-day countdown to the Asian Games and other events, the "National Asian Games" has become a common practice. In the future, Yuhang will continue to guide the people in the jurisdiction to help the Asian Games, know about the Asian Games, and serve the Asian Games, so as to truly realize the goal of "running a conference well and improving a city".

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